Winder Power supplied transformers for London Power Tunnels Project.

by Dec 2, 2020

Leeds-based Winder Power has been commissioned to design, build and install two transformers to supply power to two tunnel boring machines at New Cross, London. The two transformers that were installed comprised a 5 MVA, 13/11 kV transformer along with a 13 kV earthing transformer. These transformers (worth £400,000) are part of a London Power Tunnels (LPT) project , which aims to help “rewire London”. The LPT2 scheme is a £750m investment to rewire the Capital, called London Power Tunnels. It follows the success of the first phase, which was a seven-year, £1 billion programme, building 32km of tunnels and two new substations in North London. The second phase is essential in order to replace existing electricity cables in South London which are coming towards the end of their useful life. Work began in spring 2020 and it will take approximately six years to complete the project. Link to the news: