WEG has been commissioned to supply 241 transformers for the International Airport Felipe Ángeles in the State of Mexico.

by Dec 17, 2020

WEG was awarded an order for the supply of 241 transformers including 168 pad mounted oil type transformers from 30 to 2500 kVA, 49 dry type transformers from 300 to 3150 kVA and 21 dry type transformers from 30 to 300kVA and 3 power transformers from 60 MVA – 230kV to the International Airport Felipe Ángeles, in the State of Mexico.
The equipment was manufactured at the WEG Mexico plant and will be part of the construction project for the General Felipe Ángeles International Airport which is expected to be partially operating by the first quarter of 2021, and when entirely completed, about 20 million passengers per year will be travelling through the airport. Link to the news: https://www.weg.net/institutional/US/en/news/products-and-solutions/weg-supplies-241-transformers-to-a-new-airport-in-mexico