VRB Energy signs agreement for China’s largest solar plus flow battery project.

by Mar 15, 2021

Canada-headquartered vertically-integrated technology provider VRB Energy is planning to integrate a 100MW/ 500MWh battery with a solar PV power station in China’s Hubei province, following on from a demonstrator project from early 2019, where they paired 3MW of solar power with a 3MW/12MWh VRFB system. A framework agreement has been signed on 4th March by VRB Energy with the municipal government of Xiangyang, local project partner Hubei Pingfan New Energy and Xiangyang High-Tech State-Owned Capital Investment and Operation Group (GXGT). In addition to the large-scale solar-plus-storage project, the agreement also includes a new 1,000MW per annum VRB-ESS Gigafactory manufacturing facility, and a vanadium flow battery intelligent energy research and development (R&D) institute. The initial 40MW / 200MWh VRB-ESS and 50MW per annum of manufacturing will start construction by May 2021. Link to the news: https://vrbenergy.com/vrb-energy-announces-agreement-for-chinas-largest-solar-battery-a-100mw-solar-storage-project-in-hubei-province/