Volvo plans to have its own fast-charging network in Italy

by Mar 15, 2021

Volvo is following the footsteps of Tesla and has announced an aggressive EV charging initiative. The project , under the name of Volvo Recharge Highways, will see the installation of 30 EV charging stations. Volvo is collaborating with its Italian dealerships to install these chargers at dealer locations and in the vicinity of important motorway junctions. The charging stations will run on 100% renewable energy and each station will be fitted with two 175 kW chargers. This is the first instance of a car manufacturer having its own high power charging network in Italy that will be open to not just Volvo cars but other car brands as well. Just to compare, some of the other major players in the fast charging network such as Ionity currently has 20 stations in the country along with Tesla having a network of 30 charging stations. The first station under this initiative will be built at Volvo’s Milan flagship store and the broader vision of the company to improve the EV infrastructure in that area is to install more than fifty 22kW chargers at local parking lots and residential garages. Twenty five of these charging stations are expected to be ready and operational by October/November 2021. Link to the news: