USPS orders 50,000 new delivery vehicles, with over 10,000 electric

by Apr 8, 2022

Following President Biden’s Electrify America initiative which set in motion initiatives to transition the passenger and commercial fleets of the U.S to electric by the end of the decade, a number of companies pledged their own electrification goals. The President stated plans to electrify over 600,000 vehicles, including federal vehicles, promoting electrification through multiple taxation incentives, subsidies, and plans for the deployment of extensive charging networks throughout the U.S. The United States Postal Service, has too, pledged their own electrification initiatives.

Recently, USPS has doubled the number of Electric Vehicles included in its first order of Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDVs). The initial $2.98-billion order with Oshkosh Defense is for 50,000 vehicles, of which almost 10,019 delivery vans will be battery-electric vehicles. The number of electric vehicles ordered are directly related to the 10,019 EV carrier and delivery routes identified in the country, and are expected to be operational with EVs by 2023. The initial order of EVs placed by USPS amounted to 5,000 EVs. The increase to 10,019 is supported by USPS’s belief in the operational and financial advantages electric delivery vehicles will have to offer. However, the entity faces some administrative issues – President Biden had called for the complete electrification of USPS vehicles, but USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, has resisted, arguing that the financial constraints already present make it incredibly difficult for it to invest towards 100% electrification. The USPS has lost ~$90 billion since 2007, and are currently in the midst of receiving a $50 billion rescue package through Congress. Due to financial and administrative constraints, the USPS might not be able to meet it’s initial electrification goals, which might slow down LCV electrification rates in U.S.

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