Urban Electric Power sign a five year 4.5GWh energy storage deal with Pine Gate

by May 20, 2022

US based battery technology firm Urban Electric Power have signed a five year energy storage deal with Pine Gate renewables, to expand their portfolio across the US.
This project is said to yield batteries with an initial total value of 4.5GWh and are claimed to be made primarily for utility scale use. The project will revolve around Zinc-Alkaline battery systems as the company aims to propagate the use of Zinc-Alkaline based solutions for utility scale stationary storage.
It comes as a result of the ongoing raw material and cost crisis that the lithium ion battery industry is facing.
Pine Gate renewables has an operational value of 1GW in assets currently active around the United States. They gave systems including hybrid solar systems, standalone battery projects and hybrid solar storage projects under their portfolio.
The Urban Electric Power batteries are a remodeled version of the common use AA and AAA batteries that are so commonly used in everyday appliances. These batteries are scaled up and made to he rechargeable. This makes the product relatively lower in cost when compared to Li-ion batteries but also lower in energy density which is not a problem for stationary storage.
The offtaker in this project will be Pine Gate Renewables as they will inherit the batteries to be integrated into their current 1GW network and a claimed 16GW in projects that are in the works.
This comes as an important advancement in the stationary energy storage industry as the Li-ion shortage crisis has affected this industry directly and harshly. New innovative solutions such as this one are key if the energy storage industry is to take a step forward and move away from the restrictions of the raw material and cost shortage.

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