Unilever adds heavy-duty electric trucks for achieving logistics sustainability

by Oct 7, 2022

According to its annual report of Unilever, more than 90% of its logistics emissions come from the logistics suppliers so it has begun using lower carbon alternative fuels such as liquified natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) in some 12 countries and piloted zero-emission electric trucks with partners in three countries with plans to scale more.

Therefore, Unilever has added a heavy-duty electric truck from Volvo to its fleet in the Netherlands. The company says it is the first heavy-duty electric vehicle with sufficient range to meet its business need in regional transport from distribution centres. It is the first time Unilever has opted for a Volvo electric vehicle. At the same time, the company is a founding member of the EV100 initiative, which brings together companies committed to switching to electric vehicles by 2030. They recently have also founded EV100+ with Ikea, JSW Steel, Maersk and DPD. All pledged to transition the medium and heavy-duty fleets (> 7.5t) to zero emissions vehicles by 2040 across the 38 OECD countries.

Although the truck model is not mentioned truck but as per Unilever it has a 540-kWh battery capacity and can travel up to 300 km on a single charge, so from available models of Volvo it is realized that it should be 44-ton range (possibly FM electric) as Volvo Trucks started producing the FH Electric, FM Electric and FMX Electric in September with over 1,000 orders. Besides, Unilever is also working on shortening the distances they need to drive in their distribution and electric trucks seem suitable for them. As per Unilever’s estimation, the new e-truck will reduce up to 100 tones of carbon per year compared to a regular diesel truck when charged with green energy. The company adds that it invested in setting up high-power charging infrastructure at their Tiel distribution center in the Netherlands and has made it standard to include electric vehicle charging in any new warehouses open in the future.

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