Trafo Power Solutions supplied 18 dry-type transformers to a large LNG project

by Jan 14, 2021

Trafo Power has provided 18 dry-type transformers for a construction camp at a large liquified natural gas (LNG) project in northern Mozambique. According to Trafo Power Solutions, these 18 dry-type transformers have been custom designed for the high ambient temperatures in northern Mozambique and were included in modular substations built in South Africa and shipped to the site recently. Ranging from 500 kVA to 1250 kVA, the temperature of these units will rise to a maximum of only 80?C when under full load.
In August 2019, Trafo Power went into a strategic partnership with a leading Italian transformer manufacturer “TMC Transformers” to tap dry-type transformers market in Africa. Trafo Power Solution secured this contract not only because of
the local knowledge and experience, but also due to the added benefit of technology and expertise of TMC Transformers at global level. Link to the news: