The world’s longest submarine HVDC link between the UK and Norway is completed.

by Mar 25, 2022

The North Sea link (NLS) is the world’s longest HVDC submarine interconnection between Norway and the UK, stretching over 720 km in the North Sea. NSL has the capacity of transmitting 1400 MW of electricity at 525 kV DC voltage level. With a $450 million deal, ABB installed voltage source converters in Blyth (UK) and Kvilldal (Norway). The contract for subsea cable was awarded to Prysmian Group to provide 950 km of the cable for the project. NSL is the first HVDC interconnection between the two countries, facilitating renewable energy to be shared between the two countries and supporting both to achieve their net zero targets. Both Norway and the UK have shown strong intentions to expand electricity trade with one another, in this line, both nations have planned another 600 MW HVDC interconnection which will be contributing to electricity trade by 2025. It is envisaged that UK will be adding nearly 15 GW of additional cross border HVDC transmission capacity by 2030. The UK is looking forward to developing HVDC interconnections with Ireland, France, Germany, Scotland, Belgium, and Denmark. These developments are in accordance with the EU’s energy interconnection targets, which require each nation to have electrical connections in place that allow at least 15% of the electricity generated on its territory to be transmitted across borders to neighboring countries. In addition, the expansion of offshore wind in Europe has also accelerated the regional HVDC market.

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