The state of New York tenders 22 Solar PV projects.

by Jun 17, 2022

The state of New York has announced that we a result of an ongoing tender, 22 Solar PV projects with a combined power of 2.4GW have been awarded with 6 of them being co-located with BESS. The total power and hence the capacity of these 6 PV projects is 159MW. The hard deadline for all 22 projects has been said to be 2025.
Looking at the 6 co-located projects that are relevant to the energy storage industry. 3 belong to EDF Renewables and one is going to be developed by Boralex. These 4 projects will take up around 233MW of the 159MW total, amounting to around 85% of the total capacity to be installed.
The French state energy group EDF has been awarded 3 projects. The Columbia Solar project will have 350MW power with a 20MW BESS to support it . The Ridge View Solar project will also be a 350MW project with a 20MW BESS and the Rich Road Solar project will have 240MW of power with an attached 20MW battery system. The total power of the three projects totals around 940MW which comes up to 40% of the total awarded and 37% of the total storage capacity awarded.
Boralex on the other hand will now have a 250MW Fort Covington Solar Farm with a 77MW battery system attached. With this they will develop four standalone PV projects bringing their total to 540MW.
This move by the state of New York will aid the state in meeting their goals of 70% renewable electricity by 2030 as the state is currently at around 10-15% renewables in their generation mix

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