The intriguing partnership between a Turkish Shipyard and a German CMS supplier.

by Sep 23, 2022

Turkey’s Sanmar Shipyards has collaborated with Igus, the world’s largest energy chain systems manufacturer, to design and build a new compact shore power dispenser system capable of supplying onshore power to a variety of vessel types. As a background, Sanmar Shipyards builds tugboats, mooring boats and other offshore support vessels in shipyards located in various places across Turkey and exports them all over the world. For the Turkish shipyard and tugboat operator, the cooperation with Igus enables it to offer a charging infrastructure for the ports and is part of its mission to lead the tug and workboat industry’s efforts towards an environmentally friendly, sustainable, low- and zero-emission future. Sanmar is already collaborating with Canadian naval architects Robert Allan Ltd and battery energy storage provider Corvus Energy to build and develop their ground-breaking ElectRA range of electric tugboats, ranging in length from 19m to 28m in order to export these environmental friendly vessels to markets in the EU.
The system itself has a modular design that allows an extension of the dispenser system to provide higher charging power capacities easily. Each cable dispenser module can handle 500A of current capacity (up to 1000V AC) meaning it can cater to Low Voltage shore power systems that tugboats usually use. The cable management system combines standard components and is controlled by a radio remote control, eliminating the need for additional personnel on shore. It only takes a few minutes to connect and disconnect according to the company. The two project partners are also developing an automated connection system for the future, which will be required mainly for electric tugboats due to their limited charging time. With this partnership Sanmar Shipyards has become a stakeholder in the shore power value chain which opens the opportunity to install their own CMS system on their shipyards in Turkey. In addition to that it opens up a whole new market beyond their borders as EU countries are heavily investing in more port electrification projects and through their collaboration with Igus they will certainly gain a healthy market share in the future.

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