TC Energy starts work on Solar plus storage system in Canada

by Oct 14, 2022

The Saddle Brook Solar project will include a 81 MW PV system, and will feature a flow battery for energy storage. The battery supplier for this project is aerospace conglomerate Lockheed Martin. With a battery capacity of 6.5 MW/40 MWh, this project becomes a perfect example of flow batteries being used for long duration storage applications. The prime purpose of this battery will be for peak shaving at the times of grid congestion.
The investment for the project is $146 million as stated by TC Energy. The project makes use of an incentive scheme where it will receive $10 million from the Alberta Emissions Reduction scheme. The program applies to emissions reduction projects, and this solar plus storage project fits the criteria and hence will receive the said funds. The project is set to be complete in 2023.
America currently has a lot of companies working on flow battery technology, CellCube inc. and ESS Tech are among the top names, along with Lockheed Martin that have ongoing projects that introduce flow batteries into the North American market.
The Canadian regulatory authorities have set net zero targets for 2050, and such long duration energy storage projects will be pivotal in the path to achieve these targets. Canada also set a target to have 30% renewables in its generation mix by 2030, and this value stands around 20% currently. The availability of incentive schemes makes it highly likely that further investment will be injected into the market in helping it move towards the set targets.

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