Talen Energy undergoing a strategic transformation to renewable energy with 1 GW of planned battery projects.

by May 4, 2021

Talen Energy recently announced that as part of its strategic transformation to a renewable energy and digital infrastructure growth platform, the company is developing one gigawatt of stand-alone battery storage projects across its U.S. footprint. The battery projects, which range from 20 to approximately 300 megawatts across three states, are expected to be developed over the next three to five years utilizing Talen-owned land and legacy fossil generation and transmission infrastructure. The company has 13GW of mostly fossil fuel assets in its portfolio to date, with only 140MW of solar, including a 100MW solar PV in the mentioned portfolio. This will support Talen’s shift to lower carbon and renewable generation and put the batteries where they can be most useful, including densely populated areas with high power demands. The first two projects it has got planned are a pair of 20MW demonstration projects, one at a coal-fired power plant in Baltimore, Maryland, called HA Wagner, that is also retiring by 2025 and the other adjacent to a natural gas plant in Camden, New Jersey. Link to the news: https://www.energy-storage.news/news/talen-energy-puts-giga-scale-battery-deployments-at-heart-of-transition-awa