Solaris’s newest zero-emission electric bus is currently being tested by carriers in various Norwegian towns and cities. The bus, unveiled in October last year, have started being tested and these tests are expected to be completed by the end of March. These electric buses are designed to operate on both city and intercity routes. Due to the tough climate conditions, the designers have made sure that both thermal, and travel, comfort are ensured during rides. Other features such as extra high beams, a sanding system, or a compartment for snow chains may also be included in these electric buses. Currently, there are 420 BEV buses present in Norway and according to PTR, the number is expected to reach approximately 3,100 units by 2025. Norway is a EV30@30 signatory and the government of Norway in 2016 has announced that it has set a target of 100% EV share of purchases of urban buses by 2025. Link to the news: