Six new renewables energy zones to be built across Victoria

by Nov 30, 2020

The state government of Victoria has released its budget for the 20/21 in which AUD 540mn have been allotted to build six renewables energy zones across the state. Solar farms will be built in two of the zones of Central North Victoria and Murray Rivers. Western Victoria, South West Victoria and Gippsland will contain wind farms while works on pumped hydro will be done in the sixth zone of Central North Victoria. Another investment of $12.6mn has been set aside for second auction of 600 MW of renewable energy projects, some of which will be used to power state government operations and assets.
Another AUD $27mn will be invested in Community energy projects, including microgrids and shared battery storage systems, while allocation of AUD $21mn will accelerate the installation of renewable energy systems at community buildings, and support the ResourceSmart Schools program.
The accelerated steps towards renewables energy infrastructure are not only been taken in state of Victoria as other states are also taking steps to move to clean energy as recently New South Wales state has established three clean energy zones, Western Australia state’s green energy sources have for the first time overtaken the generating capacity from fossil fuels and coal fired plants and the state of Queensland has recently seen investment in solar energy farms. All of these measures have been taken to help Australia reach its target of 50% renewables by 2030 and 100% by 2050, but experts say to reach its target of 2050, Australia will have to accelerate its clean energy initiatives further and should plan to reach 70% renewables by 2030, As the country has already fallen short of achieving its 25% renewables energy target till 2020 with having only 23% of renewables in energy mix till now.
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