Siemens will be supplying two synchronous condensers to cater inertia needs in UK

by Dec 7, 2020

UK has been one of the top countries when it comes to deployment of renewables. However, these ambitious goals have put forward some challenges from grid stability standpoint. Curtailment of generation plants having rotating parts has reduced the availability of inertia in the grid and in order to ensure grid stability, UK has been focusing on installation of synchronous condensers. In 2020, this is third project by National Grid UK which entails outsourcing the services pertaining to provision of inertia to Uniper. Siemens will be supplying two synchronous condensers to Uniper to provide grid stability services in Great Britain. Due to COVID, significant delays have been observed in installation of these equipment in past. However, Siemens after winning this order in December 2020 plans to make it operational in 2021. Siemens Energy is acting as an EPC in this project and will be responsible for delivery of project on turnkey basis. Link to the news: