Siemens has successfully commissioned and installed synchronous condenser for Kiamal solar farm

by Jan 12, 2021

Australia has been facing challenges pertaining to grid stability for more than 5 years due to rapid penetration of renewable energy. Kiamal Solar farm is owned by Total Eren (an IPP) and has a capacity of 256 MW. Australia Energy Market Operator (AEMO) identified the need of a synchronous condensers with the wind farm in 2018 after which Total Eren with its EPC partner Omexom Australia awarded a contract to Siemens to install the required system. The 210 ton synchronous condenser was designed in Europe and then shipped to Australia for installation near Ouyen, North West Victoria. The installation of synchronous condenser having a short circuit current capacity of 700 MVA was completed within a span of 12 months and is fully operational. Link to the news: