Siemens Energy has won STATCOMs order from Amprion to stabilize the German transmission grid

by Apr 20, 2021

The share of renewable energy in German grid is increasing very rapidly. Most of the renewable energy is generated in North of Germany and the real challenge lies in the transport of that generated electricity to demand centers of Germany. Due to intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, voltage stability is of prime concern for Germany grid operators therefore all four transmission system operators (TSOs) of Germany have ambitious plans to deploy close to 70 STATCOMs by 2030. Working on same lines, Amprion has awarded order for two STATCOMs to Siemens Energy. The capacity of each STATCOM is ±600 MVAr. These two systems will be among world most powerful STATCOMs in terms of their capacities. The STATCOMs will be installed at Rheinau and Polsum substations owned by Amprion. This is fourth STATCOM order won by Siemens Energy this year after their win in Sudan and USA. In terms of MVAr capacity, Siemens Energy, so far, holds the largest market share in FACTS market of Germany for year 2021. Link to the news: