Siemens Energy has been awarded first grid stabilization project in Sudan

by Apr 9, 2021

Having surplus amount of electricity production, Egypt has emerged as energy export hub in the region. This has opened possibilities of multiple interconnections not only with the middle eastern countries but also with European and African economies. Egypt-Sudan AC Link is the result of Egypt’s energy reserves which will be shared with Sudan. The grids of both countries were officially connected in April 2020 with an initial capacity of 60 MW. However, the plan is to take this capacity up to 300 MW. In order to ensure stability during this energy exchange, Siemens has been awarded with grid stabilization contract. As per the scope, the Siemens will build two substations in Sudan which will be with STATCOM to strengthen and stabilize the power grid by providing reactive power compensation and dynamic voltage support. Through this project, Siemens Energy has become a pioneer of FACTS technologies in Sudan whereas in Egypt, the place holder is Hitachi ABB Power Grids. The work on the project was started in mid-March 2021 and is expected to be completed by mid of 2023. Link to the news: