Shore Power regulation a bit closer?

by Jul 15, 2022

The European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO) and the Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals (FEPORT) have agreed that the proposed Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) and FuelEU Maritime Regulation should allow for the deployment of OPS where it makes sense. ESPO represents the port authorities, port associations and port administrations of the seaports of 22 Member States of the European Union and Norway while FEPORT represents the interests of 1225 private port companies and terminals performing cargo handling and logistics related activities in European seaports, which employ over 390.000 workers across the EU.
Both organizations have underlined the need for an ambitious deployment of OPS as a means to reduce the harmful emissions of ships of nitrogen oxides, Sulphur oxides and particulate matter. Both the organizations are calling for a more refined approach as compared to the one put forth in the article 9 of the Alternative Fuel Regulation (AFIR) which states the entire port needing to have OPS if it receives more than a certain number of port calls by a container or passenger vessel. This would mean that if certain type of traffic reaches the threshold of the article then all the terminals processing those vessels would need to offer OPS. Instead, ESPO and FEPORT have proposed a strategy that focuses on OPS deployment per location (such as berths or terminals) in the port rather than the whole port. This would ensure that the OPS system, is deployed where it makes the most environmental and economic sense, while maintaining the various port stakeholders’ established roles and responsibilities.
To optimize the use of OPS in EU, ESPO and FEPORT have therefore called for the following as the best possible course of action:

• A requirement for ships to use OPS when it is available in ports
• Prioritizing OPS deployment in port locations where it reduces emissions the most and makes economic sense by looking at the vessel activity

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