Shore Power powered by Hydrogen

by Sep 30, 2022

PSW Power & Automation, Westgass Hydrogen, CCB, and H2 Production have formed a Norwegian consortium to provide a high-capacity hydrogen-based shore power solution to the maritime sector. The groundbreaking system, designed by PSW and tested this autumn at CCB’s shipyard in Ågotnes, was demonstrated to the maritime industry on September 19th.
• PSW is responsible for designing the shore power system
• Westgass Hydrogen is a clean energy company focused on accelerating Europe’s and emerging markets’ transition away from fossil fuels. They are enabling customers to run carbon-neutral businesses with clean hydrogen by 2030. Westgass Hydrogen is providing green hydrogen as a fuel source.
• CCB is involved in offering variety of services to energy/petroleum-related and maritime operations. CCB also offers maintenance and classification of rigs and vessels. CCB can provide storage facilities (indoor/ outdoor), mobilization services, logistics and port services and operates quays measuring around 1000 meters in Agnotes. CCB is providing its quays for the project.
• H2 Production AS is part of the group, CCB Energy Holding AS (CCBEH). CCBEH was established by Bernh Larsen Holding and Norsea Group for the purpose of climate-friendly industrial development. H2 Production aims to develop large scale production of hydrogen with integrated CO2 capture. The facility will be established at the Energy Park in Øygarden, with estimated start-up for producing compressed H2 in 2023. Furthermore, the company plans to produce liquified H2 as well as ammonia.
This project will enable the first successful demonstration of green hydrogen acting as a fuel for shore power to decarbonize port activities. This would not only enable more shore power potential at ports but also would enable ports to adopt the fuel source for other activities as well example heating, and lighting in the terminal buildings, electrification of cranes and vessel charging capabilities as well. This will also overcome the grid capacity issues being faced by some ports across Europe as they would have the choice of choosing an alternative fuel source as Hydrogen production picks up pace in European countries. As discussed in an earlier impression about how California was encouraging ships to not use shore power while berthed due to the extreme heat wave they were facing, such a solution has the potential to ensure uninterrupted energy for shore power on ports

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