Shore Power comes to Australia’s beachy city Sydney

by Mar 25, 2022

From 2024, cruise ships docking at Sydney’s White Bay Cruise Terminal will be able to connect to shore electricity that is entirely made up of certified renewable energy. This will be the first cold ironing facility in Australia and the first system for cruise vessels in the southern hemisphere. The Port Authority of New South Wales signed a letter of intent with Carnival Cruise Line Australia, part of the giant Carnival Corporation to plug their ships to shore power while berthed at the terminal. The demand for shore power for cruise ships is certainly there as Australians make up the highest rate of cruise passengers per head of population, with more than 1.35 million (or one in 17) taking a cruise each year before the pandemic making Australia as a major cruise market. According to sources around 50 cruise ships came to the Australian shores back in 2019 and with Australia reopening its international shipping from April 17, the demand will come rushing back making the investment in shore power really fruitful in the future. The shore power project will be funded by the NSW government which plans to spend around $60 million to equip not only cruise ships but also containers which will berth at Sydney. The decision to invest in shore power comes as Brisbane has also approved to build a $177 million cruise terminal that would directly compete with Sydney for cruise traffic when completed. Although under current plans the terminal at Brisbane would not be equipped with shore power but the port officials and the Queensland government is thinking to install shore power in the future. The first shore power system would certainly stir interest in multiple ports and local governments to install such systems on their facilities as well but one important thing to note is that the primary driving factor of the technology in Australia has not been the reduction of GHG emissions but rather to stay competitive over other ports in the country as of now.

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