Shell & BYD partner up on charging infrastructure

by Mar 25, 2022

Following the recent investment and expansion at BYD’s electric bus factory in Hungary supporting its principle of ‘Made in Europe for Europe’, an investment that is aimed at resulting into an increase in production capacity, with the annual output of a single shift rising to 400 electric buses to meet the ever-growing demand for BYD electric buses in Europe, BYD has now signed a joint venture with Shell, entering into a global strategic cooperation agreement for charging infrastructure. The venture has been stated to start in China and Europe, and then will be continued into the global EV market.
In accordance to the venture, Shell and BYD will establish a mobility service provider (MSP) partnership that will provide “advanced new energy vehicle technology, smooth charging and digital services”. Shell has also stated that it will provide membership services to BYD customers, both passenger and commercial vehicle holders, covering more than 275,000 charging terminals on its charging roaming network throughout Europe. The two companies have said that they will work together to develop fleet solutions and exclusive charging services for BYD’s customers in Europe. Specifically in China, BYD and Shell have planned on setting up a joint venture aimed at developing an EV charging network, capable of operating more than 10,000 EV charging terminals in Shenzhen, with plans to expand to other cities in China. Globally, BYD and Shell have also stated plans for providing customers with integrated home energy solutions such as dynamic tariff scheduling, photovoltaic integration, home energy storage devices and vehicle-to-grid interaction (V2G) charging solutions.
With this joint venture, BYD is expected to gain entry into the electric passenger and commercial vehicle market of Europe. Till date, BYD has greatly expanded its presence within the electric bus market of Europe, but still remained at bay in segments such as electric trucks, LCVs, and passenger vehicles due to the encapsulating presence of OEMs such as Volkswagen, Daimler AG, and Volvo. However, with the recent signing with Shell, as predicted, BYD is on its way to becoming one of the leading electric commercial and passenger vehicle manufacturers in Europe.

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