Shell announced to install 50,000 chargepoints in the UK by 2025

by Sep 10, 2021

The Dutch Oil giant Shell recently released its plan to install 50,000 chargepoints in the UK by 2025. Shell plans to implement this plan through Ubitricity, which it acquired earlier this year. Chargers will be installed on the on-street lamp posts. This plan is part of Shell’s target to increase its charging point network from 60,000 today to 500,000 by 2025, as the Royal Dutch company plans on becoming carbon- neutral by 2025. Oil companies have come out to be the major players in EV charging business in recent years. Shell in addition to Ubitricity also acquired NewMotion and Greenlots which allowed them to capture not only the hardware market of EV chargers but also software part of services as well. Similar to Shell, Total, another oil giant, also plans to have a network of 150,000 chargepoints by 2025. Total also plans to integrate the whole sales channel of EV chargers in its network of services. From EV charger’s project consultation to the provision of chargers and the installation services as well. It even plans on entering the electricity supplying business. For the UK, this project comes at a very critical point. With the targets by the government to ban ICE by 2030 and becoming zero emission by tailpipe by 2035, having sufficient charging infrastructure is necessary to drive the change and plans like these are necessary to give confidence to the users about making the switch to EVs. In order to speed up the adoption of EVs, UK government has also released plan to change the regulations related to installation of chargers by tenants and leaseholders, making it easier for them to own and install a charger from April 2022 onwards. The government also plans to make it mandatory from next year onward for all new residential units and offices to install EV charger and also has become the first country to require all new residential chargers to have the ability of “Smart charging”. With focus of government and private companies on both public and private charging infrastructure UK is on the right track to achieve its set target of achieving net zero emission.

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