SF6 replaced for the first time in existing HV equipment

by Dec 10, 2021

National Grid has an ambitious target to reduce its SF6 emissions by 50% by 2030 and to eventually eradicate SF6 from its entire fleet by 2050. As a big step in this direction, it partnered with Hitachi Energy to replace SF6 from its 420 kV gas-insulated lines installed in 2016 with a fluoronitrile based gas mixture, eliminating 755 kilograms of SF6. For the first time in the world, SF6 has been replaced in existing HV equipment. The solution deployed by Hitachi Energy is called EconiQ™ retrofill and is a greener alternative to SF6. According to the National Grid, this landmark pilot project at the Richborough Substation in Kent is just the first of the many more replacement projects to come moving forward; it plans to continue its collaboration with Hitachi Energy to achieve its sustainability targets.

UK is committed to meet its goal of achieving climate neutrality in the coming years. In November 2021, UK hosted the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference where the nations adopted the Glasgow Climate Pact. Under this Pact, they agreed to accelerate their efforts to phase out coal from their generation mix and fast-track the deployment of clean power generation. Additionally, all the pending items that prevented the full implementation of the Paris Agreement on carbon markets and transparency have finally been approved.

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