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Bridging the gap between T&D and Generation is our Industrial components portfolio which consists of product-specific syndicated reports. Market sizing, forecasting, competitive analysis, and various technical segmentations are some features of these reports.

EV Impact on Manufacturing

Electric vehicle (EV) shipments are poised to grow by a 35% average annual growth rate from 2016 to 2025. As internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sales decline, and the market moves towards EVs, a paradigm shift will occur within the automotive manufacturing industry. This stems from the sheer reduction of parts used in EVs when compared to traditional ICEs; in some cases a multiple of 6 or more. PTR’s EV Impacts on Manufacturing will provide insight into this shift and answer questions such as which industry sectors within automotive will be impacted first, where these changes are occurring, and how ICE component manufacturers are currently coping with this market evolution?

Integrated Manufacturing

 Integrated manufacturing, or industry 4.0 as it is commonly known, is no longer a thing of future. Manufacturing facilities are increasingly getting connected and are implementing solutions using various IIoT platforms to get the maximum value out of the data generated by their machines. Power Technology Research segments industry 4.0 implementation in to three stages: Connectivity, Analytics and Value Creation. PTR’s Integrated Manufacturing Coverage is focused towards providing custom and off-the-shelf analysis to stakeholders in the field of industrial manufacturing. We do this through critical indices, end-user analysis and solution benchmarking.

Industrial Motors

 The industrial motor market is filled with intricacies that require stakeholders to be aware of topics ranging from material supply chain bottlenecks to the impacts of macroeconomic conditions. This is where PTR’s Industrial Motors coverage can be leveraged to understand the market, through market forecasts, supplier market shares, product shifts, geographic splits and market trends. PTR’s industrial motors coverage encompasses both low-voltage (LV) and medium-voltage (MV) products. These two parent groups within the market have unique market outlooks for their respective applications and each require in-depth coverage.

Precision Components

Our precision components portfolio covers products used in applications requiring speed and/or positioning control. Products include rotary motion, linear motion, robotics, and low-backlash gearboxes.