Power Transformers Market Research

Substations are roughly half of the spend at major utilities around the world within the mid-to-high voltage categories. Despite the large opportunity, the complexity by which these substations are awarded, designed, and erected is significant. This task leads many other market research companies to size individual markets in a top-down methodology leading to inaccuracies and unexplainable trends when forecasts are compared to actual data. Power Technology Research diverges from that methodology by individually researching every market and understanding the grid in every country.

Power transformers are the most crucial equipment in the substations, and also a key portion of the total substation spend of transmission system operators. Power Technology Research (PTR) sizes the opportunity for this critical equipment by looking at individual utilities in the countries to analyze the upcoming greenfield and brownfield substation projects. The number of transformers to be installed in new additions, expansions and replacement categories are then aggregated based on this information. The utility specific approach allows us to understand the grid dynamics and analyze the market in more granular detail than most of our competitors, and helps us convey a much deeper understanding of the market to our customers for their decision making. Some key questions answered in this market analysis:

– Where is the market headed?

– Which insulation technology is dominating the market?

– Who is the market leader?

– Any upcoming regulatory roadblocks which should be kept in mind?

What is Covered in this Analysis?

Market Sizing

Countries Available:

– North America (Canada, USA, Mexico)

– Europe (All EU-28 countries)

– Emerging Markets (India, China, Gulf, South Africa, Kenya, Peru, Chile

…+ 7 other emerging transformer markets)

Applications by Country:

– TSO Specific Market Sizing

– 7 Generation Technologies

– 4 Industry Sectors

Segments within Applications:

– Split by Specific Voltages (kV)

– Split by Capacity Ratings (MVA)

Further Segmentations:

– Insulation Technology

> Mineral Oil

> Mineral Oil Alternatives (e.g. Ester Oil)

> Gas Insulated

Qualitative Analysis

Competitive Analysis:

– Market Shares

> By Country

> By Voltage/Capacity

– Benchmarking

> Product Portfolio

> Aftersales Service Capabilities

> SWOT Analysis

Market Accessibility:

– Procurement/Tender Processes

– Standards & Regulations

– Aftersales Requirements

– Sales Channel Analysis

Output Format:

MS Excel Database

MS PowerPoint Report

MS Power BI Dashboard

Contact Sales:

UK: +44 (0)203 5148058

Germany: +49 (0)89 12250950

USA & RoW: +1 408 6220456