High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) – Project Specific Market Analysis 

High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) is one of the fastest growing market in the field of Transmission and Distribution because of its ability to address major issues encountered by modern grid like steep rise in renewable integration, grid congestion, security of supply, Bulk power transfer and asynchronous grid connections. Currently, as of 2019, there are more than 200 HVDC projects installed globally with apprx. 370 GW of transmission capacity. China is the largest market globally with 43 HVDC links installed totalling a capacity of 168GW today. HVDC market is estimated to grow at a faster rate in years to come and will be driven by installation of offshore wind power projects in Europe and centralized generation in India and China. Regulations enforced by utilities and grid requirements will cause VSC based HVDC to dominate other existing technologies.

This market tracker contains in-depth details about HVDC projects installed in last two decades and future outlook of HVDC market. Each HVDC project is broken down into its technical details and cost information at subcomponent level. Technical details include converter topologies, types of cable, filtration equipment and HVDC transformers. Cost outputs of market tracker are categorized as power converter cost per unit power ($/KW) and HVDC cable cost per unit length ($/Km).

What is covered?

Project Specific Coverage:

The following details are available for more than 340 HVDC projects in the database (200 installed, 140 future projects till 2030) to allow for better data analysis and comparison:

    hvdc, project name, utility, owner, switching element, capacity, DC Voltage, AC Voltage, station, valve side, converter manufacturer, DC current, forward blocking voltage, switchges per valve, total switches per converter, no of parallel vsc connections, switch manufacturer

    Regions Available:

    Installed and upcoming projects for countries in:

    – EMEA

    – Americas

    – APAC

    Opportunities & Bottlenecks

    – Role of VSC based systems

    – Off-shore wind power and Voltage Ride Through (VRT)

    – Other opportunities in the market

    Related Products:

    Editions Available

    – Detailed Global Database

    – Executive Insights Dataset


    Global Project Specific Analysis 

    Project specific market coverage of HVDC includes the detailed information on country specific projects across the globe. This version is applicable to customers who want a detailed outlook including upcoming HVDC projects by country, technology trends, technical details of all installed projects and competitive/supplier analysis. Download the abstract below for a detailed ToC.

    HVDC Project Specific Coverage Abstract

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    Executive Insights Dataset 

    Execuive Insights version offers a region specific capacity analysis covering HVDC capacity additions (MW) in Americas, EMEA, China, Japan and Rest of APAC. This low cost version is aimed at customers who only require quick insights on a regional basis for high level planning purposes. Download the abstract below for sample output table.

    HVDC Executive Insights Dataset Abstract

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