High Voltage Switchgear Market Research

Substations are roughly half of the spend at major utilities around the world within the mid-to-high voltage categories. Despite the large opportunity, the complexity by which these substations are awarded, designed, and erected is significant. This task leads many other market research companies to size individual markets in a top-down methodology leading to inaccuracies and unexplainable trends when forecasts are compared to actual data.

Power Technology Research diverges from that methodology by individually researching every market and understanding both the grid in every country. This understanding of the grid and substation design in a country is coupled with detailed models allowing for component sizing within the substations in different voltage and current classes. By taking this more in-depth approach, Power Technology Research can better size and forecast systems of systems, systems of component, and components themselves in a systematic and transparent way. This allows users of our research to easily compare opportunities and quickly come to the decisions necessary for success in this market.

What do we mean by Switchgear?

The term can become quite confusing when spanning power & industry applications. PTR considers a solution approach to the term, looking at the system which provides a “switchgear” function. The following components are included and broken down in our market analysis:

BusbarsBushingsCircuit BreakersCurrent/Voltage Transformers
DisconnectorsEarthing SwitchesGIS BaysSurge Arrestors

What is covered?

The following splits are matrixed to allow for better data analysis and comparison:

  • Market Sizing
    • Technologies
      • AIS
      • GIS
    • Current (Interrupting)
      • 30 – 80kA
    • Voltage
      • 72-800kV+
  • Competitive Analysis
    • Market Shares
    • Benchmarking
  • Market Accessibility
    • Tender Processes
    • Standards & Regulations
    • Aftersales Requirements
    • Sales Channels

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