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Distribution networks, interacting with the end-consumers of electricity are the usually the most complex and least understood part of the grid. Especially with an active increase in the number of prosumers due to Distributed Generation (DERs) and Electric Vehicle (EV) penetration, grid dynamics at the distribution level are more complex than ever. Distribution transformers, hence have complex demand dynamics and a fragmented supply chain as opposed to power transformers. Power Technology Research (PTR) sizes the market of distribution transformers by analyzing individual countries for new additions, expansions and replacement of transformers. We start by analyzing the key distribution utilities in a country having the majority of the market share and use that information to model the remaining country. With this approach, we are able to analyze the behaviors of the biggest buyers in the market, and can identify these opportunities in a better way for you.

What is Covered in this Analysis?

Scope of Market Sizing


Regions/Countries Covered (5 Regions, 23 Countries)


Competitive & Qualitative Analysis


Product Specific Market Shares by Country/Region
  • Top Competitors by Country (Oil-Immersed, Dry-Type)
  • Top Competitors by Region (Oil-Immersed, Dry-Type)
Competitive Profiles by Region
  • 3 Top Manufacturers by Region
    • Supplier Profiles x 3
    • SWOT Analysis x 3
    • Future Outlook x 3
Market Accessibility Analysis
  • Large Development Projects
  • Key Market Trends & Drivers
  • Sales Channel Overview
  • Procurement Processes
  • Business Practices

Transformer Lead Analyst – Presentation at CWIEME Berlin

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    Recent Developments in The Indian Electricity Grid

    Recent Developments in The Indian Electricity Grid

    The last few years have shown many developments for India’s electricity sector, including the introduction of new policies which have essentially transformed the sector altogether. On the generation side, renewable energy is now among the fastest growing and is...

    CWIEME Transformer Day 2021 Impression

    CWIEME Transformer Day 2021 Impression

    Despite the reduced demand for electricity, due to Covid-19, the demand for renewables grew . Transformer markets in the U.S., China and Europe are expected to reach 2019 levels. Driven by various regional and technological factors, such as an increase in electric...

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