Energy Storage Market Monitor

A new service from PTR. Based on an in-depth, component-specific understanding of the power grid. PTR is uniquely positioned, specializing in research on Power systems within the electric grid.
PTR views stationary storage as a culmination of four influencing factors: The power grid’s emergence of new business models. Conventional generation solutions. EV vehicle roadmaps and charging infrastructure Renewable generation penetration. All complimentary and adversarial factors are required to be understood in parallel, in order to accurately identify and forecast the market.

What is Covered in this Analysis?

1. Market Sizing and Forecast:


  • Forecast: 3-years 
  • Technologies: Li-ion, Sodium, Flow, Lead-acid, Pumped Hydro, Thermal
  • Installation types:

Applications Covered:

2. Project Tracking (Stationary):

  • Over 4,400 projects
  • Project data included:

3. Country monitor –Report on each major market:

  • Report on each major market
  • Profile of current and in-deliberation policy
  • Countries included:

4.Competitive Analysis – Market shares and analysis:

  • Storage technology (system) providers
  • Power Electronics provider
  • Integrator

Sample Outputs from the Coverage

Interactive analytics platform and backend excel databases, PPTs provided if needed

Market Sizing

Country Monitor

Project Database

Microsoft PowerBI

  • Offered on a Microsoft Power BI platform consisting of dashboards and reports, updated every 6 months.Power Electronics provider
  • Dashboards: Covers competitive and project developments
  • Reports: Summary report as well as one for each major country
  • Database: Project Database

Custom Apps (Exclusive News & Analysis)

  • Continuous updates via PTR’s custom apps Covering projects, market activity, policy changes
  • Can be ported into phone, tablet, desktop applications

Contact Sales:

Germany: +49 (0)89 12250950

USA & RoW: +1 408 6220456