Energy Storage Value Chain Monitor

Based on an in-depth, component-specific understanding of the power grid, PTR is uniquely positioned, specializing in research on Power systems within the electric grid. We view stationary storage as a culmination of four complimentary and adverserial influencing factors, which are required to be understood in parallel to accurately analyze the market: The power grid’s emergence of new business models, Conventional generation solutions, EV vehicle roadmaps and charging infrastructure & Renewable generation penetration.

Our Energy Storage service is ideal for you if you are looking to keep a track of global energy storage projects, understand in detail the relationships between the players in the energy storage value chain and do a competitive analysis from different lenses. More specifically, we aim to provide an in-depth view on the following items for you through this service:

  • What are the recent project developments around the world?
  • Who is working with whom across the value chain?
    1. Developers
    2. System Integrators
    3. Battery/PCS providers
    4. Software Providers
  • Competitive Analysis from different lenses?
    1. Global Player Positioning
    2. Regional Level
    3. Country Specific Level
    4. Company Specific Analysis
  • Which technologies are dominating the stationary storage landscape?

Scope of Service

1. Project Tracking (Stationary Storage)


  • Over 4,800 projects
  • Pipeline projects till 2028
  • Project data included:
  • Technologies: Li-ion, Sodium, Flow, Lead-acid, Pumped Hydro, Thermal
  • Installation types:

Applications Covered:

Delivery Format – PowerBI & Exclusive PowerApp

Interactive analytics platform, analysis App and backend excel databases, PPTs can be extracted if needed.

Report & Analysis in PowerBI

We take a lot of pride in what we do for our clients as we aim to surpass ambiguous methodology and uninspired presentation, which has led most market research to remain relegated to ‘me-too’ slides, often remaining a footnote in presentations. With this service, we aim to transform the way you digest the market information.  We are using interactive PowerBI platform as the delivery vehicle for this service. The access is granted through login credentials accessible via Computer, Tablet or Phone:

Global energy storage projects. Energy storage competitive analysis.

Year Round Analysis through Exclusive App

The subscription includes 1-year access to our Energy Storage news and analysis app. This app includes the analysis of key industry news by our analysts, covering projects, market activity & policy changes, including brief impressions of the impact of these developments on the energy storage market, available exclusively to our customers. 

Global energy storage projects. Energy storage competitive analysis.

Project Database in Excel

In addition to the interactive analytics through PowerBI and analysis via PowerApps, excel file with all the projects is also available to download should you wish to analyze the data using your internal systems. 

Global energy storage projects. Energy storage competitive analysis.

Why Choose Power Technology Research?

Too often is third-party market research disregarded by decision makers due to ambigious methodology and uninspired presentation. This had led most market research to remain relegated to ‘me-too’ slides, often remaining a footnote in presentations. Our goal is to change that, and bring back pro-active decision making within the global power and e-mobility sectors by providing market research based on a transparent and flexible methodology.

While working with you, we will do everything to ensure that we are strictly following our three pillars of excellence: Transparency (meaning no black-box datasets with our analysts supporting the data provided), Diligence (deep technical knowledge translating into the research for you) and Digestibility (ensure working with you once you have purchased the service, to answe any questions so you can utilize the data as you intended). These claims are backed by our track record of working with some of the largest companies in indutry and their testimonials.

Our Customers


Client Testimonials

“PTR was able to provide a level of depth to its methodology not replicated by other research companies I have worked with. It was a pleasure to work with PTR in developing our market strategy and a step-up from alternatives available” – Mitsubishi Electric (Client Partner – Power Systems)

“Thanks to Power Technology Research for the great support in terms of market modelling and in getting a better understanding of the different applications. All our discussions and meetings were very fruitful and as well useful! Would be great to work with your team together in future for other topics.” – Infineon Technologies (Client Partner Business Intelligence & Development)

“Very professional with consultancy approach. Which means, hearing your client’s needs and understand it while making them feel comfortable. Also very intelligent being able to build such cost model.” – GIS Ltd. (CEO – Energy Consultancy)

“…played an important role in the development of the events themselves, contributing regular support and feedback as members of the CWIEME Advisory Board and as speakers/facilitators at our events…We are currently working on our first joint mini white paper on the electric manufacturing state of play in 2019 and beyond… We look forward to continuing our work with the team at Power Technology Research in 2019 and beyond.” – ITE Group (Global Content Manager)

“I was impressed by PTR’s level of knowledge and insight on the automation industry. Their work is professional and they are good fun to work with too. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others” – Control Techniques (Strategic Marketing-Industrial Automation)

Recent Insights


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