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Our analysis in electricity generation ranges from equipment used in generation plants to various renewable generation technologies. Whether it is about solar value chain, bechmarking or cost analysis, or about wind converters and generators, we have you covered.

Solar Value Chain – Supplier Benchmark Analysis

This bespoke service provides objective, unbiased transparency into the solar value chain and what success quantifies into. This is done by standardization across the board from FIFO/LIFO inventory calculations to subtle inclusions/exclusions to COGS reporting such as logistics, a common practice among solar manufacturers. This effort provides unparalleled ability to weigh company actions more directly by removing variables which may not be easy to isolate when desired. Power Technology Research diverges from most by analyzing the entire value chain both individually and holistically, all permutations of business model will be addressed and measured.

Solar Production Cost Models

This bespoke service provides a detailed, process step by process step understanding of how solar modules are manufactured and costs associated at every step. These models truly start from sand (quartz to be specific) and finishes with destination point shipping of modules in bulk when you take all four models of Polysilicon, Ingot/Wafer, Cell, and Module into account.

Power Generation Projects Database

This database identifies and tracks planned power generation projects in select countries around the globe. It is updated continuously, based on development plans from Utilities, Regulators, and Suppliers of turnkey and loose components which go into these projects. Project information includes country of project, generation capacity, technology, expected date of commissioning and project owner.