EV Battery Supplier Benchmark Analysis

With the increasing number of Electric Vehicles (EV) on a global scale, EV charging has become an essential aspect of car ownership. To compete with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, the charging time of EVs needs to be at similar levels as refueling conventional vehicles. Charging infrastructure is catching up quickly, with current DC fast chargers having ratings up to 400kW. The burden is now on the batteries, more specifically, Li-ion batteries to be able to withstand high charging rates without compromising safety. The race to get high energy density with high power density is on.

Service Description
The objective of this service is to provide unbiased transparency through a benchmark of 6 major manufacturers of Li-Ion batteries for electric vehicle market, who are also providing battery storage for power grid and consumer electronics devices. The companies are evaluated on various factors including Product Portfolio, Technology, R&D, Manufacturing Capabilities, Supplier & Customer Relations and overall comparison of Business Segments and Value Chain.

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Key Features

  • Continuous Update
  • News and Exclusive Impressions
  • Analyst Q&A Included

Benchmark Criteria

Detailed information on every supplier is provided in the following 5 categories. This enables a benchmark of the key battery manufacturers against each other on these standardized metrics. This information is utilized to rank manufacturers on a point system.

  • Product Portfolio
  • Technology & R&D
  • Supply Relations
  • Manufacturing Presence
  • Customer base

Company Profiles
Every company profile supports extensive research on every one of the 5 sections, aimed at giving the readers an in-depth understanding of the company, its various business segments, and current standing in the market. The analysis also makes sure that the information is equally useful for stakeholders in every step of the battery value chain from raw materials supply to end-customers e.g. EV OEMs and grid connected storage providers.

Further Details:

Companies Covered:

  • LG Chem
  • Samsung SDI
  • BYD
  • Panasonic
  • CATL
  • SK Innovation


  • Annual Subscription
  • Quarterly Updates

Areas Covered:

  • Cells (pouchm prismatic, cylindrical)
  • Modules
  • BMS/Integration


  • Automotive (e-Mobility)
  • Grid (Stationery)




Output is provded through access to Power Technology Research’s online PowerBI platform which includes analytics and most important graphs based on the information. At any point it is possible for clients to download a power point version of the PowerBI report to use and integrate the information in their own systems.

The service is offered as an annual subscription, meaning the client user will have access to the information and interactive analytics online for 12 months by default. After which point the sbscription would need to be renewed to get further access to revised database and information in the coming year.

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