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Looking at one of the highest growing markets of today’s world, PTR’s coverage of e-mobility aims to deliver analysis for our clients who are looking at the interaction between e-mobility and power sector. Ranging from our EV Impact Report analyzing the impact of increasing EVs on their surrounding ecosystem to our EVSE Infrastructure coverage with special focus on Power Electronics, this application vertical is covering various aspects of e-mobility’s overlap with the power grid, both from the supply and application side.

EVSE – Charging Infrastructure

In this service, PTR covers EV charging infrastructure market in five major regions/countries around the globe. Market growth outlook for all charging power capacities is being tracked in this coverage. As EVSE growth directly impacts the power electronics components (discretes and modules), this analysis is also designed to track the market growth of high power semiconductors purely due to EVSE. Along with the market sizing, an in-depth analysis of charging OEMs, value chain and competitive analysis are also included.

Battery Supplier Benchmark

The objective of this service is to provide unbiased transparency through a benchmark of 6 major manufacturers of Li-Ion batteries for electriv vehicle market, who are also providing battery storage for power grid and consumer electronics devices. The companies are evaluated on various factors including Product Portfolio, Technology, R&D, Manufacturing Capabilities, Supplier & Customer Relations and overall comparison of Business Segments and Value Chain.

EV Traction Motors

This service, aims to provide analysis on the traction motor market for battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) in twelve countries. Peak power rating and motor technologies will be segmented across each of the countries. The markets will be sized according to end-destination of the motor, specifically the electric vehicle end-destination. Along with the market sizing, a competitive analysis, OEM model & motor technology matrix and market forecasts into 2022 are also included in this market research coverage.

EV Impact Report

Electric vehicle (EV) shipments are poised to grow by a 35% average annual growth rate from 2016 to 2025. As internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle sales decline, and the market moves towards EVs, a paradigm shift will occur within the automotive manufacturing industry. This stems from the sheer reduction of parts used in EVs when compared to traditional ICEs; in some cases a multiple of 6 or more. PTR’s EV Impacts on Manufacturing will provide insight into this shift and answer questions such as which industry sectors within automotive will be impacted first, where these changes are occurring, and how ICE component manufacturers are currently coping with this market evolution?