Scania lauches its first fully electric truck

by Sep 17, 2020

Scania is swedish commercial trucking giant which has recently introduced its first fully electric truck. The truck can travel a distance upto 250km on a sinlge charge. The company has introduced the fast charging specification along with its new truck. This truck comes in two battery configurations. The first one comes with one with a total of five batteries, 165kWh installed capacity and a range of 130-kilometres. The second one comes with nine batteries, 300kWh installed capacity and a range of 250-kilometres. The electric truck will be equipped with a CCS charging connector which allows DC charging at 130kW. It can charge the five battery packs in under 55 minutes, and the nine battery packs in under 100 minutes. To recoup some of the lost power while braking, regenerative braking is included in the truck. Link to the news: