Scania commits to battery electric vehicles and rules out hyrogen fuel cell for long distance transport

by Jan 19, 2021

Fully electric trucks and plug-in hybrid trucks have already been launched by Scania. However, Scania plans to launch long-distance electric trucks that will be able to carry a total weight of 40 tonnes for 4.5 hours. The truck has fast charging option which can be used to charge the truck during the drivers’ compulsory 45-minute rest. Scania has recently ruled out hydrogen fuel cell for long distance transport. The reason for limiting the use of H2 in future is because three times as much renewable electricity is needed to power a hydrogen truck compared to a battery electric truck. A great deal of energy is namely lost in the production, distribution, and conversion back to electricity. Repair and maintenance also need to be considered. The cost for a hydrogen vehicle will be higher than for a battery electric vehicle as its systems are more complex, such as an extensive air- and cooling system. Furthermore, hydrogen is a volatile gas which requires more maintenance to ensure safety. Link to the news: