RXHK has completed the delivery and remote FAT of STATCOMs for Carrapateena Mine owned by OZ Minerals

by Nov 20, 2020

In 2019, TGOOD Australia, an EPC contractor who is responsible for switchyard expansion at Prominent Hill Mine also awarded a contract to RXHK for supply of two STATCOMs for the Carrapateena Mine. Due to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, RXHK was not able to send their teams to the site to install and conduct FAT of the equipment. Without causing any further delays, RXHK team adapted to the changing global scenario and went for remote FAT which was concluded successfully. T&D companies involved in manufacturing and sales of such critical equipment are rapidly adopting to new remote approaches for on-time completion of projects. RXHK has successfully delivered 3 orders this year just in Australia. Link to the news: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/graeme-bathurst-4a33164_statcom-activity-6735995298742595584-Wz2x