Fast EV Charging and Grid Infrastructure 

This presentation, given by PTR during first ever EV Momentum, briefly covers the market dynamics of EV chargers in Europe, and their impact on the distribution grid infrastructure, specifically distribution transformers.

Key topics discussed during the presentation:

  • Evolution of EV Chargers
  • Various Charging Standards and their Market Penetration 
  • EV Charging Infrastructure in EU-28
  • Grid Sector Investments Relative to EVSE Infrastructure

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About the Speaker:


Saqib Saeed

Principal Analyst 

Saqib is an expert in power system design and power electronics components. He has prior experience in commissioning and maintenance of power systems. Since 2015, he has been involved in consulting projects with transmission and distribution (T&D) OEMs and utilities conducting online and offline market research to identify business opportunities for equipment manufacturers like HVDC, FACTS, Power transformers and Gas Insulated Substations.

About EV Momentum:

Featuring numerous tech talks, market insights, panel discussions and ‘in the chair’ interviews the inaugural EV Momentum Summit brought together those involved and disrupting rapid the automotive and wider e-mobility supply chain.

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