External Presentations & Publications

Presentations given by PTR during different conferences/trade fairs and articles published in industry specific media.

Recent Advancements in Battery Cells

This presentation looks at the most recent advancements in the battery cell technologies, including new cathode and anode materials, and overall market analysis for batteries. Presented during Electrify Europe 2018.

Market Developments in EU Transmission Infrastructure

Presented by PTR at CWIEME Berlin 2018, focuses on the electricity transmission infrastructure developments in EU-28 countries, with a specific focus on transformers givevn the focus of the show.

Fast EV Charging and Grid Infrastructure

Briefly covers the market dynamics of EV chargers in Europe, and their impact on the distribution grid infrastructure, specifically distribution transformers. Presented during first ever EV Momentum.

EVs and their Impact on Automotive Manufacturing

How will the automotive manufacturing be affected by the increasing demand for EVs, and what would it mean for the future of OEMs, Tier-1s and Tier-2s. This presentation, given by PTR, also during EV Momentum, focuses exactly on this topic.

Power Transformers – global market analysis

Global market analysis of 2016 power transformers market around the world with regions including Americas, EMEA and APACPublished in January 2018 edition of industry known Transformers Magazine.

An Overview of HVDC Market and Future Outlook

Global analysis of HVDC projects market with specifics of growth, future outlook and manufacturer profiles. Presented during 2nd IEEE Workshop on Electronic Power Transmission and Distribution (eT&D).

Factory Level Energy Efficiency and its importance in T&D

Analysis of energy efficiency regulations around motors and their potential impact trickling up to the transformers. Presented at Industrial Forum during Hannover Messe 2017.

Power Transformer Bushings – market trends

Market sizing and trends in power transformer bushings including online condition monitoring and increase in composite housing. Published in the Special Edition of Transformers Magazine.

Power Transformers Market – GCC and Turkish Market

Market assessment of Power Transformers market in Europe, North America, GCC and Turkey presented during CWIEME Istanbul 2017.

Chinese Dominance in Emerging T&D Markets

A case study on Pakistan’s power equipment market show casing strategy of Chinese manufacturers in expanding to new markets by taking Pakistan’s CPEC as an example. Published by Power Transformer News.

An Overview of EU & NAM Power Transformers market

Global market overview and supply demand situation of Power Transformers, along with a deep-dive into EU and North American markets presented during CWIEME Chicago 2017. 

New Iron-based Alloy Promises Reduction in Core Loss

Techno-economic analysis of a new iron-based alloy technology used in transformer cores. What can be the potential impact of this technology on the market? Article published in Power Transformer News.