End-User’s Perception of Industrial Autonomy

Customer Request

A Japanese client wanted to understand the perception of end-users on industrial Autonomy for their internal company-wide strategic initiative. Additionally with a specific focus on O&G, Chemical, Power Generation and Pharmaceuticals, the client was looking to identify the products and services needed in their portfolio to address the market potential in these industries.


To complete this study, as a first step, 15 in-depth interviews (45-60mins) were conducted with industry experts and end-users. Target list of interviewees and questionnaire was approved by the client before the start of the primary research.

Overall, these interviews encompassed both OT and IT perspectives and the supply/demand of current solutions to gather a comprehensive view of various perspectives on industrial autonomy in the ecosystem.

Following the research phase, a workshop was conducted to support internal selling of the concept in the company based on the feedback from the market.