Case Studies

Examples of valued custom research conducted for our clients.

Competitor Benchmarking for T&D Products

A global manufacturer of T&D equipment wanted to perform a competitive analysis to benchmark its brand awareness and market positioning against its biggest competitors.

AIS/GIS Switchgear market in EU-28

Market analysis of high and medium voltage switchgear in EU-28 countries for a tier-1 manufacturer of grid equipment. Country specific research conducted for both AIS & GIS switchgear.

Flexible AC Transmission Systems Market in EU

A tier-1 manufacturer of FACTS systems wanted to expand its business in Europe, and understand the market opportunity for these systems in the regions based on upcoming projects

MV Switchgear Product Market Entry Assessment

A manufacturer of MV switchgear in united states wanted to analyze the market for a specific switchgear product in North America, particularly for Industry segment.

MV Drives: Market Sizing & Benchmarking

MV motor drives market assessment to evaluate client’s market share against competitors and insights into the regional markets. Data used internally by the client to benchmark market position, and identify target markets for a new product.

Power Transformers Market: USA & Canada

Assessment of power transformers market in United States and Canada for a key global manufacturer. Research spanned three transformer applications including grid, generation and C&I.

Cost Modelling for Polysilicon

Cost breakdown analysis of poly-silicon based on the manufacturing process. A detailed model containing 93 independent variables was created to simulate costs of the top 2 poly-silicon producers.

Utilities Survey for Sales Channel Evaluation

Survey conducted in North America to gauge the potential of offering turnkey substation solutions to utilities. PTR reached out to 30 different utilities in USA & Canada.

Investment Target Evaluation via Custom Shallow-Dive

A leading technology investor was looking to invest in an established company active in polysilicon production. Before the investment, the investor requested a detailed competitive analysis to understand the current market positioning of the target investment prospect.

Due Diligence Support for Private Equity Firm

Reactive Power Equipment Market evaluation along with competitive analysis to identify target prospect’s current and future market positioning. The goal was to support the due diligence process of the PE firm during a large 8-figure investment.

Verification of MV Switchgear Market in the USA

A leading European manufacturer of T&D equipment wanted to verify their understanding of the USA market for their line of MV switchgear products in all verticals including generation, distribution and industry.

MV Switchgear Partners in USA

Identification of potential channel partners for the client to sell its certified MV switchgear enclosures in USA market in voltage categories up to 36kV.

Survey for Industrial DC Chargers Market Sizing in US

Analysis of US Industrial DC Chargers market was requested by a client to understand the demand of DC Chargers and specific product preferences in 8 different industries: Utility Distribution, Power Generation, O&G, Data Centers, Chemical, Mining/Cement, Steel and Automotive. In addition to the market sizing, an understanding of the market positioning of existing players in the market was to be provided with their market shares for client’s strategy.

MV Switchgear Market Analysis in 18 Countries

A tier-1 manufacturer of T&D equipment wanted market analysis of various MV Switchgear products in their portfolio incl. AIG/GIS Primary switchgear, AIS/GIS Secondary Switchgear, Outdoor CBs and Auto-reclosers in 18 high demand countries around the world in APAC, EMEA and Americas. In addition to market sizing, market shares and ASPs were also required.