Quantron to Expand Market in North America

by Oct 14, 2022

Quantron AG, the German truck maker has announced to offer of its zero-emission commercial vehicles and retrofit packages in North America with a special focus on fuel cell trucks. The Augsburg-based company has intended to implement its business model of providing zero-emission vehicles and matching services in the United States of America. Quantron has also plans for locally developing its new commercial vehicle designs with BEV and FCEV powertrains. Such a huge step to expand was prompted by numerous enquiries from the US fleet operators.

Quantron has an existing partnership with the Canadian fuel cell expert Ballard Power Systems which will serve as a springboard into the new market where Quantron is specifically eyeing the long-distance fuel cell segment. Quantron wants to focus strongly on hydrogen solutions for long-distance transport such as Class 8 trucks, with the ambition of becoming one of the pioneers in this field in the USA. The company wants to achieve around 50 % of sales in the North American market by 2025.

To assuring success in their targets, Quantron has appointed Richard Haas as the head of this new US subsidiary. Haas has served as Managing Director and CEO at Mahindra Automotive North America and previously, among other things, Director of Engineering for the Tesla Model S as well as having worked for Ford for a long time. Whereas the position of the Chairman of the Board at Quantron is going to be filled by Raymond F. Staples who will be in charge of the development of the service area (Quantron-as-a-service) in North America.

Quantron wants to achieve potential triple-digit volume annually in the first few years in the US showing its target market would be mainly the US in the first place. Hence, the establishment of a USA subsidiary is indeed an important step towards Quantron’s goal of putting zero-emission vehicles on the road worldwide. In Europe, already nearly 100 Quantron-converted vehicles are in use.

Moreover, the company is counting on the announced US funding to establish regional centres for clean hydrogen throughout the country, which should propel the entire industry forward as near Quantron the H2Hubs are a once-in-a-generation opportunity for laying the foundation for the clean hydrogen future. About H2hubs, these are part of a larger $8 billion hydrogen hub program funded through President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Apart from this, Quantron has made bold moves on the international stage also. The company is working on a hydrogen fuel cell truck with a 1500-kilometre range. It also recently announced a cooperation with the Indian company ETO Motors under which ETO Motors is going to support Quantron in the development and registration of its trucks, vans and buses in India and other countries on the subcontinent and in return, Quantron will support the Indian company in bringing its three-wheeled vehicles to the European market.

PTR expects that about 0.114 million fuel cell trucks will be in operation on the roads of the USA of which 92% are predicted to be heavy-duty trucks whereas the remaining 8% will be medium-duty trucks. Quantron’s target will assist in meeting these this stock.

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