Hydrogen Market

Due to its simplicity and abundance, Hydrogen is emerging as a fuel for the future. It has widespread applications in various industries like power generation, refining, ammonia, methanol, iron & steel, glass, road transport, aviation, rail, and maritime. Primarily, the demand is driven by refining and industrial sectors whereas applications like mobility and power constitute a minute portion of this demand. Europe is emerging as the leader in Hydrogen production and usage, as within the EU, there are 750 announced projects from all parts of the value chain that are expected to enter operation by 2025.

Finland’s largest hydrogen plant planned in Kokkola.

The Aland-based firm Flexens and KIP Infra have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) regarding a land lease agreement in the Kokkola Industrial Park, where they plan to build a 300 MW facility for hydrogen production. Green hydrogen will be produced through electrolysis...