Proposed artificial ‘Hydrogen Island’ could produce 1 million tonnes of hydrogen per year

by Sep 12, 2022

The Danish energy investment company, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), has unveiled plans to build an artificial island in the Danish North Sea dedicated to the large-scale production of green hydrogen from offshore wind. Being termed as Brinto, this hydrogen island will produce 1 million tonnes of hydrogen per year from 10 GW off-shore wind capacity. This move is part of CIP’s plans to invest 100 billion euros in green energy projects by 2030. The green hydrogen produced here would be exported to the Northwestern EU countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium via 275 km long dedicated offshore hydrogen pipelines. The interesting aspect of this news is that Brinto is expected to be the first-of-its-kind project as when it comes into operation in 2030, it could alone produce and fulfil around 7 per cent of the EU’s expected hydrogen demand. Moreover, proprietors of this project claim that the chosen site consists of low water depths and strong wind resources due to which it offers some of the world’s best conditions for producing low-cost green electricity. Apart from being exported, the green hydrogen produced at this island will also be used for the production of sustainable green fuels for trucks, ships and aircrafts to be used locally. This project would create local jobs leading to an increase in economic growth and open new export opportunities for Denmark. It would also establish the North Sea as Europe’s future green powerhouse and contribute towards achieving the joint pledge of the North Sea Summit to reach 150 GW off-shore wind capacity by 2050.

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