PowerGo partners with Danish eMSP to install 15,000 charging points across Europe

by Feb 4, 2022

Dutch charge point operator PowerGo has announced plans of developing a large charging network for electric cars across Europe via a partnership with Danish eMSP, Spirii. The project will include a roll out of 15,000 charging points mainly in seven European countries which includes Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, UK, France and Scandinavia.
In efforts to compete against Ionity’s plan of building 7,000 fast charging stations by 2025, the project also includes around 8,000 DC high power chargers with capacity between 150 kW to 300 kW to be installed in the next two years.
The partnership will consist of PowerGO building and operating the charging network whereas Spirii will provide the platform for access, roaming and payment solutions. In addition to that, PowerGo, being a subsidiary of the Dutch solar company PowerField, has also committed that all charging points will be powered using 100% solar energy from PowerField’s solar parks.
Contrary to Ionity’s focus on installing charging points along motorways, PowerGo’s plan is to build chargers at charging hubs, retail outlets, fleet and parking facilities.
The project will be a milestone in achieving PowerGo’s ambitious goal of becoming one of the largest charge point operator in Europe.

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