Poland granted preliminary grid-connection permits to 4.4 GW of PV last year

by Feb 26, 2021

The Polish research institute, Instytut Energetyki Odnawialnej (IEO), has revealed that PV projects with a combined capacity of 4.4 GW secured preliminary grid-connection approval last year. Enea was the power provider that granted the largest amount of approvals with 2.2 GW, followed by Energa with 963 MW, PGE with 775 MW, and Tauron with 480 MW.

“The preliminary grid-connection approvals issued in 2020 have already exceeded the current total installed capacity in photovoltaics,” stated the IEO. According to data from Polish energy agency Agencja Rynku Energii Spó?ka Akcyjna (ARE SA), this capacity stood at 3.96 GW at the end of December. The IEO also revealed that the combined capacity of all PV projects that secured preliminary-grid permits had reached 10 GW as of the end of December. The vast majority of these projects are for plants of approximately 1 MW, but most of the capacity — around 3 GW — was secured by 466 projects exceeding the 1 MW threshold. Data suggests that the increasing number of grid-connection approvals may result in another record year for PV in the country in 2021.

As per the latest procurement exercise for renewable energy projects held by Polish Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) in December; developers secured all of the offered 700 MW capacity for projects under 1 MW size, and the approximate allocated 1.7GW (900 MW of Wind and 800 MW of PV) for projects of over 1 MW. Link to the news: https://www.pv-magazine.com/2021/02/24/poland-granted-preliminary-grid-connection-permits-to-4-4-gw-of-pv-last-year/