PLN estimates that Indonesia needs 31,000 charging points by 2030

by Sep 4, 2020

Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN ) is the state owned power company of Indonesia, according to their estimation to meet the 330,000 EVs target by 2030, Indonesia will need to install at least 31,000 charging points at different public/commercial locations such as gas stations, shopping malls, apartment complexes, markets and parking lots. According to their plan one third of the infrastructure will be installed in Jakarta. In order to reach this target, private and public investments of US $3.7 billion will be required. This will be a major opportunity for international CPOs, Automobile OEMs and EVSE OEMs to take share of the booming industry. However, Toyota in 2019 announced to invest $2 billion to develop market for its hybrid electric vehicle and Hyundai is also planning to invest $269 million in Indonesia to build a plant in Indonesia which will also manufacture EVs. BYD is also supplying commercial electric vehicles in Indonesia. Currently Asian EV players are dominating in Indonesia, hence it is expected that they will be most interested in investing to expand the charging infrastructure as well. By the end of 2019 Indonesia had lesser than 500 charging points. Link to the news: