PGE Secures contract for 200MW/820MWh BESS in Poland.

by Jul 22, 2022

Polska Grupa Energetycnza or the PGE Group has gotten approval for a 200MW/820MWh battery energy system in Poland.
The state owned PGE Group has named this project, Commercial Hybrid Energy Storage, or CHEST. It’s 200MW/820MW capacity makes it one of the largest systems to be made in Europe.
The project is to be a hybrid integrated project, which connects to the 716MW/3.6GWh pumped hydro plant at Zarnowiec and helps smooth out the generation from the wind farms Baltica 1-3, Ustka and Gdansk. Other than that, PGE also has permission to build two new wind farms in this vicinity.
PGE claims that this project will help supply energy to around 200,000 households. PGE also has plans to be climate-neutral by 2050. This project specifically paves way for the transition away from the reliance on Russian power supply as future plans for this project show a plan to establish a 300km link between Poland and Lithuania.

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