Oil giant Total buys London’s largest EV charging network

by Oct 9, 2020

There is yet another oil giant making inroads in the EV charging market as Total buys Source London, the largest EV network of London with 1500 charging points. Source London was owned by another French group, Ballore group since 2014, it was previously under Blue Point London business of Ballore which Total has now acquired. Total had announced a target of 150,000 charge points in its network by 2025, whereas Source London announced plans to have 16000 charging points by 2025. It is therefore expected that number of street chargers in London will still increase in the coming years under Total. Interestingly, most of the large charging networks in United Kingdom are operated by the big oil companies by acquiring smaller companies. In the past we have seen Charge Master and New Motion being acquired by British Petroleum and Shell respectively. Link to the news: https://www.total.com/media/news/news/united-kingdom-total-acquires-londons-largest-electric-vehicle-charge-points