To reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2025, Norway’s transmission grid operator Statnett announced it will install the world’s first 420 kV 63 kA GE g3 gas-insulated line (GIL) and busbars (GIB) operating at -30°C within its new 420 kV Hamang substation located in Oslo’s Sandvika area. That makes Norway the 8th country in Europe to adopt g3 technology.

Together, Statnett and 21 other utilities in Europe are avoiding the addition of more than a million tons of CO? equivalent to the grid by deploying g3. GIL installations from 8 major European utilities account for two-thirds of this reduction. Statnett alone is expected to avoid the installation of an additional 24,000 tons of CO? equivalent to the Norwegian grid.

To further support Norway’s move to SF6 alternatives, GE’s Grid Solutions will participate in Norway’s independent Research Institute’s Sintef study on alternative gases.

In addition, a g3 420 kV gas-insulated substation circuit-breaker is under development with financial support from the EU as part of its LIFE Program. Link to the news: